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Pennsylvania Municipal Codes

Disclaimer:  The following references to laws are provided to assist users in their searches for information and are not a substitute for competent legal advice. The text of these laws, made available through the Pennsylvania General Assembly's Legislative Data Processing Center, may not be current. Court decisions, later amendatory statutes, and a variety of other influences on the interpretation of a particular law may need to be considered. Users should seek legal assistance with regard to interpreting or researching a law or determining its current status.

Note:   To obtain a copy or copies of certain municipal codes, see "Request Municipal Codes" on our website.

“Borough Code” 8 Pa.C.S. (Boroughs and Incorporated Towns) § 101 et seq.
“The County Code” Act 130 of 1955, P.L. 323; 16 P.S. § 101
“The First Class Township Code” Act 331 of 1931, P.L. 1206; 53 P.S. § 55101
“Optional Third Class City Charter Law” Act 399 of 1957, P.L. 901; 53 P.S. § 41101
“Second Class County Code” Act 230 of 1953, P.L. 723; 16 P.S. § 3101
“The Second Class Township Code” Act 69 of 1933, P.L. 103; 53 P.S. § 65101
“The Third Class City Code” 11 Pa.C.S. (Cities) § 10101 et seq.