Local Government Commission

of the  

Pennsylvania General Assembly

Senate Resolution 323 of 2010:

Municipal Mandate Study

On July 2, 2010, the Senate of Pennsylvania passed Senate Resolution (SR) 323, directing the Local Government Commission to establish a task force to study unfunded and underfunded state statutory mandates that affect Pennsylvania's municipalities-its counties, cities, boroughs, town, and townships. The resolution directed the SR 323 Task Force to compile a comprehensive list of statutory mandates placed on municipalities, which describes for each mandate whether it is federal and/or state in origin, whether it is required or discretionary, the average annual cost to municipalities if determinable, and the amount of money provided by the federal government or the Commonwealth to implement the mandate. SR 323 further charged the Task Force with making findings and recommendations on cost savings that could be achieved through partial waiver or elimination of certain mandates and possible alternative procedures that could provide a mechanism to municipalities for mandate relief.

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